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شعار فود لاند

A renowned brand in the restaurant industry, encompassing some of the most distinguished brands. Established in 2012 by Rawnaq Al-Durr, Foodland was the first restaurant to introduce the food court system to Iraq, with 11 branches across the country, Foodland offers a wide variety of food, drinks, and sweets to satisfy the diverse tastes of its customers. In addition, each branch features play halls for children, making it an ideal entertainment destination for Iraqi families.

صور وكالات فود لاند

Site Requirements


Area Requirement

The area’s size between (300-400 m^s)

Population Density

Focusing on specific locations based on the population density and purchasing power of their residents

Interface Size

The interface depends on the site location

Services Provided to The Investor

Raw Materials

Using a large production line to prepare raw materials for the agency.

3D MAX - Autocad

Preparing decorations and all interior designs for the location.

Training The Staff

Provides essential training to restaurant staff, enabling them to effectively manage branches and systems.

Marketing Services

Provides marketing services and social media management .

Financial System

Preparing the branches with a financial and accounting system In addition to legal services.

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